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Paul Gunter

After the passing of my wife’s father, the late Dave Hindman, his license plate business was split between his two daughters. My wife Naomi and I continued her dad’s legacy selling Y.O.M. California License Plates. Paul and Naomi also acquired the name of “California Old License Plates”. We are continuing the same customer service and using the same restoration for the past 25 plus years. Our goal is to provide superior customer service to all of our customers and expertise in California License Plates. We also provide expertise in appraisals of California Old License Plates and California collections. We are always in the market to purchase any Old and Unusual license plates and collections.

We continue to specialize in selling California D.M.V. Year of Manufacture (YOM) License Plates to classic Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Trailer owners, for registration from 1914 to 1980. We have all original year Tabs and Stickers for any YOM plates.

Throughout the years, we had many customers ask about our restoration. A new service that we are now offering is restoration of customer’s plates. Turnaround time for a set of plates is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. We do NOT make plates if you are missing one. Please see Services for details.

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